Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference

Hilton, Anchorage, AK, USA ; 16 Sep - 19 Sep 2012

Special Session Organizers:

Constantinos Antoniou (antoniou[at] Assistant Professor, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Vincenzo Punzo (vinpunzo[at], vinpunzo[at] ). Senior Researcher at European Commission - Joint Research Centre, and Assistant Professor at University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Mark Brackstone (mark.brackstone[at] Consultant, IOMI, Southampton, U.K.


Over the past few decades, a lot of research activity has been devoted on the development of traffic simulation models, which have, at the same time, seen extensive use in the commercial sector. These models are often complex systems of components with many diverse types of inputs and parameters. A few of these can be directly measured in the real word and fixed at certain values, while suitable probability density functions need to be estimated for all the others. Such estimation processes are essential to replicate measured conditions and account for the variability in the real world. While originally this involved primarily trial-and-error type approaches, during the last decade the process for the management of uncertainty in simulation  models has been formalized. Tools and frameworks have been developed for systematic calibration and validation of models and sensitivity analysis is receiving increasing attention among researchers in the field as the main tool for providing the required feedback on the whole process and additional insight into the model properties and behaviors.

Papers on all aspects of calibration, validation and sensitivity analysis of traffic simulation models are suitable for this session, including papers focused on:

(1) Algorithms and methodological framework development;

(2) Demand and supply calibration and validation;

(3) Case studies and applications.

Short bios of organizers:

Constantinos Antoniou is Assistant Professor in the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. He holds a Diploma in Civil Engineering from NTUA (1995), a MS in Transportation (1997) and a PhD in Transportation Systems (2004) from MIT. His research focuses on modelling and simulation of transportation systems, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), calibration and optimization applications, road safety and sustainable transport systems and in his 15 years of experience he has been involved in a large number of projects, primarily in Europe and the US. He has more than 120 publications, including 32 journal papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 80 papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, one book and four book chapters. He has co-organized special sessions in several international conferences, including IEEE ITSC 2007 and 2010. For more information please see; contact him at antoniou[at]

Vincenzo Punzo is Assistant Professor at the University of Naples Federico II where he holds the course of Traffic Flow Simulation and Control. Since November 2011 he joined the European Commission Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy, for a two years grant as Senior Researcher. He holds a first class degree in Civil Engineering cum laude (1998) and a PhD in Transportation Engineering (2001), both from UNINA. His research interests include the modelling and simulation of transportation systems (road and rail), with emphasis on the management of model and system uncertainty, Intelligent Transportation Systems, driving simulation and road safety, which are reflected in more than 60 papers in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Vincenzo Punzo is Associate Editor of the IEEE ITS Conferences and Member of the TRB’s Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Committee. He is currently chairing the COST Action TU0903 – MULTITUDE,, lasting till October 2013.

Mark Brackstone is owner of IOMI Consulting and Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. He holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics (1989) from Southampton University and is a Member of the IET and Institute of Physics and Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Physicist (CPhys). His work has encompassed driver behaviour, simulation modelling and ITS design and assessment in both academia and in industry. He is Associate Editor for the IEEE Transaction on ITS and Recipient of the IEEE Outstanding Editorial Service Award 2010, and has authored over 70 Journal and magazine article, reports and conference papers. He is a Member of several TRB Committees, as well as an Associate and active reviewer for a number of other TRB Committees and Professional bodies both in the UK and abroad both in Transport and the Behavioural Sciences.

Contributors to this special session include:

• E. Prionisti and C. Antoniou. Sensitivity analysis of driver behavior under emergency conditions.

• M. Montanino, B. Ciuffo and V. Punzo. Frequency domain approach for the calibration of microscopic traffic flow models.

• H. B. Celikoglu and O. Deniz. Mapping Freeway Traffic Flow Speed: Microscopic modeling vs. Functional Approximation.

• T. Djukic, G. Flötteröd, H. van Lint and S. Hoogendoorn. Efficient real-time OD matrix estimation based on principal component analysis.