Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference

Hilton, Anchorage, AK, USA ; 16 Sep - 19 Sep 2012


The check-in desk is located on the second floor of the Hilton and will be open on Sunday from 12:00p.m.-7:00p.m., Monday from 7:00a.m.-5:00p.m., Tuesday from 8:00a.m.-7:00p.m., and Wednesday from 8:00a.m.-noon.

The Registration Process Stills Open

You can register to ITSC 2012 here:

Definitive Registration Fees

  (Through August 16, 2012)
(After August 16, 2012)
IEEE Members (but non ITSS Members)* $685 $735
IEEE ITSS Members $650 $700
Non-Members $700 $750
IEEE Student Members (not including ITSS Student Members)** $468 $518
IEEE ITSS Student Members $450 $500
Extra/guest banquet purchase $130 $130
Non-IEEE student member $500 $550
Reduced Rate+ $450 $500
One-Day Registration++ $320 $320

*This registration includes one year free ITSS Membership 

**This registration includes one year free ITSS Student Membership 

+Reduced rate applies to invited speakers

++One day registration rates are available on-site only and are not eligible for paper uploads.

IEEE ITSS Membership information here.

Important Notes:

  • Only the IEEE members, IEEE ITSS Members, and Non-Member registration rates are eligible for a paper upload. 
  • The standard page limit for each paper is 6 pages. Papers can exceed this limit up to only 8 Pages, at a cost of $50 extra per page.
  • Authors uploading more than one paper must pay an additional extra charge of $300 for each additional paper.
  • The Main Conference Registration includes: admission to all technical sessions, coffee breaks, three lunches; conference banquet; and a flash drive with the conference proceedings and other handouts.
  • For IEEE members, the one year fee to become ITSS Member or ITSS Student Member consists only of 35$ or 18$ respectively, including all the membership benefits like receiving the prestigious ITSS Transactions, Magazine and Newsletter, and much more.
  • Any registration category that includes Tuesday will be permitted to attend the Tuesday lunch and the Tuesday banquet.
  • All registration categories are eligible to attend the reception on Sunday evening.
  • Papers that are not presented at the conference are very disruptive to a conference.  Any accepted paper that is not presented at this conference is at risk for not being published as part of the conference proceedings.  If the primary author is unable to attend, please arrange a co-author or other colleague to present the paper.

Hilton Special Offer for ITSC2012 attendants:

Here you can find a Personalized Hilton reservation URL, where you can book a room at the conference hotel at a very competitive rate.

ITSC 2012 Schedule Information (PDF)