Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference

Hilton, Anchorage, AK, USA ; 16 Sep - 19 Sep 2012

THE 2012 IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (15th IEEE ITSC) is the premier annual conference sponsored by the IEEE INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS SOCIETY (ITSS). Original and innovative contributions in ITS research and advanced implementations and deployments are sought for technical sessions.  Please submit articles conveying new developments in theory, analytical and numerical simulation and modeling, experimentation, advanced deployment and case studies, results of laboratory or field operational tests, and other related creative endeavors as well as special educational developments for ITS curricula.  The conference theme is The Wild Frontier in Intelligent Transportation. The technical areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Traffic theory, modeling, and simulation

  • Intelligent algorithms

  • Sensors and actuators

  • Vision systems and processing

  • Safety Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Evacuation Systems

  • Traffic and Communications Networks

  • Traffic Control Systems

  • V2V and V2I Communications

  • ITS User services: ATMS, ATIS, AVCS, etc.

  • Intelligent Vehicles

  • Driver Assistance

  • Vehicle Collision Avoidance

  • Integrated Safety Systems
  • Commercial Vehicle Operations

  • Multi-modal ITS
  • ITS Implementation

  • Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety and Mobility systems

  • ITS for Special Needs

  • Emergency Services

  • Environmental and Green Transportation


In the tradition of successful IEEE ITS Conferences, only the highest quality papers will be accepted through an on-line peer review process. The final version of the accepted papers will be included in the Conference proceedings only after at least one author officially registers and presents the paper at the Conference.

Important Dates

  • Special Session proposal submission deadline: April 16, 2012 
  • Workshop/Tutorial proposal submission deadline: April 16, 2012
  • Full-paper submission deadline: April 16, 2012
  • Notification of acceptance: July 1, 2012
  • Final paper submission deadline: July 24, 2012 (NEW DEADLINE EXTENSION)

Best Student Paper Award

Articles written and presented by a primary author who is a student will be specially selected for the Best Student Paper Award recognition during the Conference.

Paper Award recognition during the Conference.
Selected exceptional quality papers will be invited for submission to a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems; Authors will be asked to revise their papers according to the standards of the transactions, which will be subjected to the Transactions’ review process.

Proposals are sought for Special Workshops and Tutorials realted to the topics and themes of the conference. For proposal of Special Workshops and Tutorials realted to the topics and theme of the conference, please contact the Wei-Bin Zhang <wbzhang[at]path[dot]berkeley[dot].edu> or Yinhai Wang <yinhai[at]uw[dot]edu>.


Hilton Anchorage, 500 West Third Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska 99501, USA

Located in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, the Hilton Anchorage is located in downtown Anchorage and is an ideal place for conferences with plenty of stylish, functional, and flexible meeting facilities. Being an important tour destination, Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska and has a curious mix of industry and culture. Anchorage offers numerous technical and siteseeing opportunities to conference participants and their guests. Its natural beauty, well-conserved environment, and unique species of animals and plants make it a superbly attractive place for world-wide travelers.

Technical and Special Tours

Special technical tours will be arranged to vist with the State of Alaaska Department of Transportation and the Municipality of Anchorage traffic management centers. Siteseeing tours will also be available, including half-day or full-day cruises to see many of Alaska’s glaciers, rides on the Alaska railroad along the Cook Inlet (where humpback whales may be seen on one side and moose and dall sheep often frequent the other), flight-seeing tours into the famous Denali National Park, trips to the Alaska Zoo (located in Anchorage, it is the only place you can see live polar bears in the city), and escorted or unescorted museum tours where you can experience native Alaskan culture firsthand.

Who Should Attend

Those in ITS research, development, design, deployment, planning, and decision making who are in academic institutions, transportation industry, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, government, local transport authorities, national labs, international organizations, public transport authorities, freight and transport operators, public transport operators, service providers, telecom operators, system integrators, commercial fleet owners, road operators, and motoring organizations and all others who are in the energy and environment sector with an interest in transportation systems will benefit by attending this unique conference.