Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference

Hilton, Anchorage, AK, USA ; 16 Sep - 19 Sep 2012

Sunday, September 16th
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Workshop Description

The wide availability of probe-based data either from crowd-sourced apps, passenger vehicles, freight and other means is opening doors for many new applications, performance monitoring capabilities, and operational enhancements.  However, probe data presents unique challenges with respect to collection, interpolation, aggregation, sheer data quantity, data quality, and a lack of volume measurements--just to name a few. This workshop will explore ways in which researchers in both the public and private sector are working with probe data to address these issues.  Attendees will also see demonstrations of several cutting edge probe data applications that are being developed for safety, operations, and performance measurement.  Following brief presentations and demonstrations, workshop attendees will be engaged in a moderated discussion relating to various probe-data issues and processing methodologies. 


  •  Alexandre Bayen, UC Berkeley: Mobile Millennium.  GPS enabled smartphones for integrated corridor management.

  • Walter Fehr, RITA: The Federal perspective on massive probe data challenges with examples from a 1-year Safety Pilot Model Deployment of over 3,000 vehicles.

  • Michael L. Pack, University of Maryland CATT Laboratory:  Rapid, Multi-state Bottleneck Prioritization & Corridor Analysis using Probe Data.

  • Ted Trapanier, INRIX:  Multistate next-Gen passenger probe data safety sensor analysis.

  • Stan Young, Traffax:  Bluetooth probe data analysis and potential.